Why on earth did I decide to make a Hulk cake? Sawyer (my son )is Turning 3 and he is going through a major hulk faze it is his favorite hero and he can often be heard going around the house yelling “HULK SMASH! ” so naturally his cake request this year was a hulk smash cake when I began planning out this cake and looking in the stores for supplied I noticed there’s just wasn’t much locally for hulk toys\decorations so of course being the Amazon prime and Pinterest addict that I am that’s where I began and I came up with the perfect easy and inexpensive cake for a 3-year-old boy and decided I should share just how to make it for all those other mom’s out there stumped on birthday cake ideas

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First things first let’s start off with what you will need

Now to assemble

Once you have baked your 3 layers and completely allowed them to cool I recommend putting them in a freezer storage bag and freezing them for 2 hours or even overnight if you want to bake ahead of time this is a trick I use to make assembly and frosting easier with less risk of the cake breaking or tearing


To begin you want to put a small amount of icing on your plate or cake stand and then lay your first layer on top of the icing then you ice the top of each layer and stack like pictured above and then take the rest of chocolate frosting and frost the remainder of the cake

adding on the kitkats

Now this part is simple just add your kitkat sticks all around the cake leaving a small kitkatless opening at the front (as pictured above) if the cake seems to be getting to warm you can chill it in the fridge while you prepare the green frosting

Frost the top and opening of the cake with the prepared green frosting

Get your hulk figure placed where you like and make sure it’s fixed to the cake how you prefer

Add your m&ms to the top and opening of the cake and break a few of the left over kitkat sticks and place near the bottom to give that hulk smash effect

Add on a candle if you prefer clean up your cake plate and then you have your finished product!

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  1. OMG Can I just say, I can’t help but drool over the picture! Who would not love to taste this! I’ll making this out over the weekends.

    1. My story is much like yours. My grandson is turning three and he walks around saying HULK SMASH all the time! Gramma is going to try making this cake for him. Thank you for this, I will post a pic at the end of May, wish me luck.

  2. You did a great job, the cake looks so cool! I bet your don loved it! It doesn’t seem very hard to make either, just a bit time consuming.

  3. That looks so amazing! I will have to try this with my family. I can’t wait to try it! I bet it’s going to be delicious.

  4. Wow, this is such an amazing and delicious DIY. Kids will definitely love this cake, thanks for sharing!

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